Fund Raising Program
Do you have any family or friends that may be looking to raise funds for their organization? If so, please inform them of our program. We would love to help them reach their goals this year.

We can be contacted by phone:
(877) 223-1827
Monday to Friday, 8AM - 4PM CST

Or you may fill out our Contact Form to send us an email.
Fund Raising
How Does the Dining Club Fundraising Program Work?
We will design and give you all necessary sales materials, customized with your organization's name and logo for you to sell the dining club cards. Just follow this simple 4-Step process:
1. Set Your Fundraising Goal.
How much money does your organization need? Is there a specific use for the money you will raise? What is your fundraising deadline?

Example: Taney Youth Baseball Association would like to raise $10,000.00 by December 15th to build a new scoreboard for its ball field.
2. Determine How Many Cards You Need to Sell.
Your organization will receive $12.25 for each dining club membership card you sell. Do the math.

Example: 816 Dining Club Cards x $12.25 per card = $10,000. If your group has 210 members, each member will be required to sell 4 cards to meet the fundraising goal of $10,000.
3. Organize Your Fundraiser.
We will provide you with a fundraising packet containing:
  • Custom brochures with your name and logo on them explaining how the dining club card saves people money, and why they should support your organization by purchasing a card
  • Order booklets for each of your organization’s members, along with instructions on how to take orders for the dining club cards (in some cases we may give you the cards to sell directly;)
  • Information regarding specific bonus prizes for members who exceed their sales quota (the prizes will be provided by us)
  • Written instructions for your group leader to manage the fundraiser, with forms to track everything.
4. Hold Your Fundraiser.
It is critical to establish concrete start and finish dates for your fundraiser, and to establish specific requirements that your members meet their individual sales quotas. The fundraising process itself is simple:
  • Members explain to donors how they can support your organization and save $1,000 a year at their favorite restaurants by purchasing a dining club card;
  • Members record each card ordered in their order booklet (or sell the card on the spot, in some cases) and collect $35.00 for each card ordered (cash and/or checks);
  • The group leader collects the order booklets and the cash and/or checks from the group’s members and forwards them to us (if you sell cards directly, you simply collect the payment);
  • If your group uses the “order taking” method, we process the order forms, print the dining club cards, and mail them directly to the donors within 5 business days;
  • We mail you a check representing your share of the proceeds within 7 business days!

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