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Ding A Ling Bar & Grill
14630 North 1st Street
Raymond, NE 68428
Tel: 402-783-2555

Buy one entree and get a second entree of equal or lesser value free. Valid Sunday to Thursday.
About The Capitol City Originals Dining Club
Lincoln loyalties are deeply ingrained. The people of Lincoln take great pride in their Football, Friendships & Food. This card is your gateway to the proud dining traditions of Lincoln's most ORIGINAL restaurants.
Capitol Building
You may be wondering why the word “Capitol” in our name and logo is not spelled “Capital” as would be correct when referring to a state’s capital city. This Dining Club is all about originality. When we began searching for an icon or image that could typify the unique character of Lincoln, we chose the State Capitol Building. Nebraska's Capitol Building is a true ORIGINAL. It was the first and tallest of its kind in the U.S. when completed in 1932. As a testament to its radically original design, it has become the standard upon which other modern capitols are based. Similarly, we know the creativity and originally of our member restaurants have become the standard upon which all dining in Lincoln is based.
The dictionary defines "original" as an 'item or concept not derived from something else; fresh and unusual.' As lovers of all that is 'fresh& unusual', we at Capitol City Originals ® are committed to introducing the dining enthusiasts of Lincoln to some of the most creative & distinctive restaurants that our city has to offer
These are the independent restaurants of Lincoln & they have earned the right to be called ORIGINALS. They have banded together to ensure that superior dining in Lincoln never goes out of style. These are your neighbors and your friends, and they don’t rely on marketing surveys or focus-groups to tell them how best to serve you.
We urge you to continue to support your local restaurateurs. They are a vital component in helping to shape and maintain the character and originality of Lincoln.
Once you purchase the Capitol City Originals ® Dining Club Card, you will become a part of a select group of dining enthusiasts. * Present the card at any of the participating restaurants when purchasing an entree (or appetizer), and receive an entree (or appetizer) of equal or lesser value FREE. The card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, for a one-time use at each of the restaurants. Nothing could be simpler
*Offer pursuant to program policies (listed here) and the individual restrictions imposed by the restaurants themselves.
Year-Round Offers / Deals Description of Offer / Deal Price / each
Single Card Purchase of a single (1) card $30.00
Multiple Card Discount Purchase 20 or more (at the same time), at a 10% discount $27.00
When you receive your card in the mail, you must first ACTIVATE YOUR CARD. Use this link or the one at the top of the page to activate and register your card. You should set up a username and password to grant you access to your own account, and many of the new interactive features of the website.
Once activated, you can begin using your Dining Club Card immediately. Present your Capitol City Originals® Dining Club Card to the merchant before making a purchase. The store representative will electronically validate your card and return it to you. Your online account will keep track of which Restaurant you have and have not visited. That's all there is to it.
Call our toll-free number at (877) 223-1827, between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, & our operators will be glad to answer your questions and record your information.
Or, click the PURCHASE THE CARD button above,

Or, mail a check including your name, address and phone number to us at:
Dine Club USA, Inc.
12 Wisconsin Court
Bay Shore, NY 11706

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